As we approach the festive holiday season, social distancing, increased teleworking and other safety measures are changing the way we gather and celebrate. How we celebrate may be different but virtual holiday parties and open houses provide fun and innovative ways to make memories during the season.

What happens to the materials that we recycle? And are we even recycling them properly? The short answer is no - improper recycling and inefficient processes costs our national recycling system more than $300 million each year. David Muller, Meeting Revolution’s Sustainability Director, recently participated in a national collaboration project aimed at improvements to the overall PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic recycling process and shared a few key lessons with our team.

As the weather warms and vaccinations increase, event organizers are eyeing scaled-down outdoor events as a feasible option for in-person gatherings. Here are some tips to ensure your outdoor event is safe, successful, and sustainable!